Advice to Home Sellers

Preparing your property for sale

Excellent presentation is vital when selling your home. Buyers are attracted to a clean and spacious looking property.

Remove any clutter from worktops and garages. Clean and organise your whole property. Don’t forget to make any immediate repairs like leaking taps, etc.

It is important to add value to your property whenever possible. Investing in expensive improvements will not always increase your sale price, but if you are planning on undertaking any major renovations, it is useful to know that improvements to kitchens and bathrooms add the most value. It is advisable however, to spend your money on smaller improvements like painting areas that appear tired in your property.

Decide on a price

In order to get a good estimate for the potential value of your property you need to research the market. You will no doubt already have an idea of the value, but by doing a little research you will start to get a more accurate figure and this is vital to attract interest in your property. Ask around to find out what similar properties in your area are worth. Try and price your home fairly but competitively as this should ensure good interest in your property. Remember, if you price it too high, you may run the risk of not getting a single enquiry.

The best way to get a more accurate indication of the value is to have your property valued by one of our Chartered Surveyors, this will cost just £175 for Residential Property or £475 for Commercial Property. Click on Add Your Property to see full details of what we can offer.


Make sure you take attractive photographs of your property, showing it at its best. Buyers are particularly interested in seeing pictures of the front of your house, bathroom, master bedroom, kitchen, garden and any special features of the property. Make sure that all rooms are well lit and clutter free. Try to take all photographs on a bright sunny day as this will show the true potential of your property. You can upload up to 10 photographs per property onto NI Property Group.

Measuring your property

It is important to measure the individual rooms as precisly as possible. Before viewing, potential purchasers will like to visualise the rooms in their mind and their dimensions. It may be a good idea to have a member of your family or friend to help.

  1. Measure each room length by breadth to the closest 10th of an inch.
  2. If the room is not a regular room (e.g with alcolves) measure to the widest point and note on the descripition "to widest point".


Use NI Property Group to advertise your property totally Free. NI Property Group enables you to sell or rent your home privately online while giving your property great exposure to potential buyers. NI Property Group is fast becoming the most efficient and afordable way to sell or rent property in Northern Ireland. NI Property Group is advertised widely throughout Northern Ireland on a weekly basis.

Selling, Buying or Renting your property with NI Property Group is easy and could save you thousands of pounds. Expert advice is on hand from our team of Chartered Surveyors, who can be contacted through our contact us page.


The fact you know every detail of your property gives you the opportunity to sell to viewers. Before a viewing have your property presented clean, tidy and free of clutter. Presentation is important when selling your home. Buyers are attracted to a clean and spacious looking property. Before you commence viewings it is advisable to have any minor repairs carried out around the property.

Receiving and accepting offers

When you receive an offer on your property from a potential buyer:

  • Note down the date the offer is made
  • Note down the contact details of the person making the offer including full name, address and telephone number
  • Establish whether or not they are in a chain, i.e have they a property to sell before they can complete on your sale. This is an important question, as someone who has no house to sell should be able to proceed quicker on completing the sale.
  • Establish if they have a mortgage in place, if the answer is yes their offer made on your property should be secure
  • Decide on weather or not you wish to accept the offer.

Accepting an offer

When you decide to accept an offer you will need to instruct a Solicitor to act in the Conveyancing process. Price around various firms as charges can vary enormously.

  1. Ask the person you have accepted the offer from for their Solicitor details
  2. Pass the following information onto your Solicitor:
    • The buyers contact details, name address and telephone number
    • The sale agreed figure
    • The details of the Solicitor acting for the purchaser.

The Solicitors will work between each other now and finalise the sale with a completion date. Between you and the purchaser of your property you should agree a date for moving and inform your own individual Solicitor.

Solicitors will take care of every aspect of drawing up the Legal documentation for you and the purchaser to successfully complete the transaction.

Remember, if you ever require FREE advice at any stage of the process contact us, we will be happy to assist in any queries you may have.