How it works - listing your property could not be easier

Listing your property with NIPG is free - always will be. Creating your listing is free, quick and easy. It takes less than 4 minutes - meaning that by the time the kettle's boiled, your property listing could be live!

NI Property Group is the innovative and cost effective solution to advertising your property online, operated by qualified property professionals. Our aim is to bring under one group, collectively, Private Sellers and Landlords, Estate Agents and Property Developers in one hassle free and straightforward website! Sell, Rent, Buy, Today.

some faq's

How much does it cost? (free) How long can I advertise for? (a full year) Do I require an EPC? (yes) ... answers to these questions (the easy ones) and any other questions you might have can be found here.

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Ready to sell your home online? Great ... first, why not read our handy checklist to make sure you have everything you need ...

As a minimum, you will need at least one photo of your property that you are proud of ... that means keep your thumb off the lens, try and choose a sunny day and get snapping. Oh, and write out your property description first ... like a wedding day speech, this is not something you should ad lib.

what else do we offer?

Good of you to ask ... As qualified Chartered Surveyors, we offer a full range of property management services - including valuations, day to day management, and both commercial and residential EPC's

Interested in advertising your product or service and reaching an audience of home buyers, sellers, landlord's or tenant's? ... click here to read more.